Misty Fjords


Today was an exciting day; after living in Ketchikan, AK for nearly five months, today was the day I finally got to see the Misty Fjords National Monument. To say it took my breath away would be an understatement. After a long and busy summer season, today was the first “no cruise ship day” in months. To commemorate our hard work, our entire team was able to go on a private tour of the Misty Fjords via float plane. This summer has been the wettest one in Ketchikan history, we’ve collected over 47 inches of rain in only a few months, but somehow the sun decided to make an appearance today and I could not be more thankful. Classic rock playing through our earphones or the occasional local fact thanks to our pilot Chuck, we spent over an hour flyer over the monument and taking all of its glory. We made a brief stop at Goat Lake for some fresh air and a moment of reflection before heading back into town. Seeing this monument is something I had been looking forward to all summer, but I had no idea just how much it would effect me. The open, untouched land with sheer cliffs and rushing water took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes on several occasions throughout the flight. Nature humbles me, nature surprises me, and nature grounds me. Life has been a tad bit overwhelming lately and for the first time in a while I feel completely lost, without any sense of direction and unsure of my next move. I’ve been asking the universe for signs, big or small, to help guide my way – and it seems to be answering me when I least expect it. Something about the tour today felt almost spiritual, it made me uncharacteristically emotional. On our way back towards town I turned my earphones off and took a moment to let my feelings sink in and find a sense of clarity, I felt the sun rays on my face as we flew above a sea of trees and a swirling ocean. I think the universe is constantly sending us signs and answering our pleas, often times we are just too preoccupied to notice. Lately I have been working on expanding my awareness and noting all the details that hardly stand out, desperate for anything that could help give me direction. I think that today showed me a lot, about myself and some of the things in life I have been questioning. Nature has a way of always being exactly what I need when I need it – the answers you need are always out there, you just have to look in the right places. I’ve been learning the remain open, to no longer close off my heart, and the more I do this the more light seems to be coming into my life. Maybe I’m reading into this all too much, maybe I was just so blown away by the beauty of the Fjords that my mind wandered too far, but I think today was everything I needed and more. I’m endlessly thankful for our planet and it’s many treasures, riddled with lessons if you choose to seek them.


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